"Ricardo Pinheiro is a very special guitarist who has crafted a most honest and original project with “Caruma.” His music evokes a humanistic quality that is full of emotional expression and spirit. He also offers the very wise inclusion and cooperation of Theo Bleckmann and Mônica Salmaso, who bring a heightened sense of wonder and possibility to their united sonic spectrum. Together, they have fashioned a stunning piece that will serve as a monumental example for many to appreciate and be touched by for generations to come." -- Greg Osby

"He has a distinctive sound and I thought then that he had a lot going for him (...)

The trio’s set on Triplicity is a superbly collective effort (...) Each member is highly original both in their individual improvisation and their collaborative interplay but no one seeks to overshadow another. Their album is an intriguing mix of novel and imaginative interpretations..." -- Brian Payne (JazzJournal.co.uk)

“‘Triplicity' is one of the most exceptional guitar productions that have appeared in jazz in recent years.” -- Cyriel Pluimakers (Jazzenzo.nl)

" (...) I would venture to say that I’ve yet to hear another guitar-bass-drums trio that sounds so refreshingly different. What I came away with was a unique listening experience centered around a textured mood; a string and percussion sonority. As the principal melodic voice on the CD, guitarist Pinheiro brings off this role with a measured grace.  In a setting made for overplaying, he never does. While explorative, his playing is restrained and selective" -- Steve Cerra (www.jazzprofiles.blogspot.com)

“With thrilling solos by saxophonist Quinsin Nachoff and guitarist Ricardo Pinheiro, as well as feature work throughout the concert by flugelhornist Tim Hagans, Rathbun and The Atwood Suites were easily the crown jewel of the festival’s final five nights” -- Michael West (Downbeat Magazine)

"Pinheiro’s groove is contagious. His ability to stretch bars or leave turnarounds be seems in-built" -- François Van de Linde (Flophouse Magazine)

"Pinheiro provides beautiful variations of the melody on the high guitar strings, displaying a sonority that is like vintage wine from the Portuguese midlands"

"Pinheiro’s playing also evokes the exciting synthesis between hard bop, cool, and Brazilian music that emerged in the 1960s under the influence of Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd"  --  Victor L. Schermer (www.allaboutjazz.com)

"A conversation between Liebman’s sensual soprano and Pinheiro’s spicy acoustic guitar is the centre of the warm-blooded piece of folk jazz, Coração Vagabundo. On the other tunes, Pinheiro plays electric guitar, employing a prickly, Jim Hall-ish sound, and daring to turn into eccentric pathways during his concise stories"  --  François Van de Linde (Flophouse Magazine)


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